the products on this page are available for preorder! our lead time is 6 weeks max, from the time you place an order to receiving shipping info (but it often takes less than that). this ensures we have enough time to get the supplies we need and create your (often one-of-a-kind!) order.

there are two kinds of preorders on this page:

1. our collection of in-house designs, sizes XXS-4XL, made from linen or denim. you'll find the color options available on each product page.

2. very limited supplies of other textiles that we can make only a handful of garments from. these fabrics are often locally sourced, secondhand, or deadstock. details on what garments these fabrics are suitable for are on each respective page.

if you are wanting a colorblock garment, or something a little more custom that you don't see here, please fill out our custom order request form. we love to see people's unique color choices!! please include any color combos you'd like, the garment, and any other relevant info. we'll get back to you :)