about us


Rabbit’s Foot is a small-batch clothing studio that creates easy-to-wear garments you’ll find yourself reaching for every day. Every garment you see here has been thoughtfully designed and sewn by one of the three of us, in either Chicago, New York, or Portland! All of our pieces can be mixed and matched, worn all year round, and be worn by any gender. We believe clothing should be comfortable, adaptable, and that above all, it should make you happy. We hope you will find all of these things in your RF garments and that you will enjoy them for many years to come.



✿ Why linen?

You’ll notice that a lot of our garments are made from 100% linen - we love this natural fiber for its texture, durability, and because it gets better with age. Every wash makes it softer, and it’s perfect for any season. We also love that it is biodegradable, recyclable, and relies on an extremely low-waste production process!

If we’re not sewing with linen, we’re using other natural fibers like cotton. We also occasionally source a limited supply of deadstock or secondhand fabrics, many of which you can find on the preorders page [link].

✿ How should I care for my RF garment?

We suggest washing your garment less often than you think you need to and machine washing on cold water. Hang drying or line drying is the best choice to keep a handmade garment in good shape, but you can also machine dry it on the lowest setting of your dryer. We pre-wash any fabric we use to avoid shrinkage, but drying on low heat will prevent it from shrinking any further. Linen tends to wrinkle after a wash (which we love!), but you can use a warm iron with steam to smooth it out.

✿ What is your production time for a preordered garment?

Our production time is 6 weeks maximum, from the time you place an order to the time you receive shipping info (but it’s usually faster than that!). This ensures we have enough time to get the supplies we need to create your (often one-of-a-kind!) order. Thank you so much for your patience!

We do preorders so that each piece is made with time and care specifically for the person who ordered it. This ensures that the garments we make end up in a loving home. It is not only a more sustainable business model for us, but more environmentally conscious!

✿ Can I order something custom?

Yes! If you don’t see a size or color (or combination of colors) you’d like, please fill out our custom order request form. we love to see unique color choices! please include any relevant info about your idea on the form and we'll get in touch :)

✿ Shipping Policy

Currently we only ship within the U.S. If you purchase a ready-made garment from us, we aim to ship it out to you within the following week. If you purchase a made-to-order garment, please allow six weeks from the order date to receive your shipping info; this gives us enough time to make your item just for you! You will receive a tracking number (usually USPS) from us via email, and packages usually take around 2-5 business days to arrive.

✿ Returns & Exchange Policy

Because each RF garment is made to order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges at this time. However, please contact us if there is an issue with your order. To avoid issues with sizing, please reach out with questions before placing your order - we are more than happy to help!